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Butterfly valves used in a variety of operating conditions shall meet the following requirements: robust and reliable structure, high cost-effective, and customers' request. We are committed to innovating and developing new customer-oriented products, which reflect the high quality in engineering construction and installation or in production and operation.
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Our kinds of butterfly valves can be used in drinking water, non drinking water, sewage, gas, particles, suspension, etc.
Therefore, they can be used in urban water supply and drainage, hydraulic engineering, gas, natural gas, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy and other industries, and have been highly praised by customers.


We strictly implement valve design and production standards as the basis for new product design. Through technological innovation, there is a higher guarantee in safety, economic efficiency and service life, and it also brings higher value returns to customers.

The following 6 points show that CVG Valve has reached the highest quality.

Fluid Dynamics
Surface Protection
Fluid Dynamics

1. Fluid Dynamics - Streamlined Disc Design

Water transmission pipelines under various working conditions often have very high unstable pressure, which requires the butterfly valve to withstand the destructive force caused by pressure fluctuations to ensure safe operation. There are usually two solutions: one is to use a robust disc, which can resist these unstable pressures when the valve is opened and closed; the other is to design the shape of the valve disc and the internal contour of the valve body to conform to the flow characteristics of the fluid, so that the pressure loss can be minimized when the valve is fully open to ensure efficient and energy-saving operation.


Streamlined Disc Design
We use the most advanced computer-aided technology to design the valve disc into a wavy shape. The wavy design provides better stability to the passing fluid, minimizes pressure loss and allows for effective cavitation placement.


Safety Guaranteed in Severe Working Conditions
More severe requirements are demanded for the large size or high pressure valves in extreme working conditions. In order to solve this problem, we optimized the original double-layer disc design based on the topology. This skeleton mechanism design enables the disc to have higher strength, which can be used for the required high pressure and large diameter conditions. On the other hand, the flow passability of the cross section can be maximized to minimize the flow resistance coefficient.



2. Precision - Good Fit of Precision Parts

The workshop is equipped with many CNC lathes, machining centers, gantry processing centers and other intelligent equipment. It not only greatly improves labor productivity and reduces manufacturing cost, but also has the following characteristics:
▪ A high degree of repeatability and consistency product quality, a very low unqualified rate.
▪ The products have high precision. All kinds of high-precision guidance, positioning, feeding, adjustment, detection, vision systems or components are adopted on the machine, which can ensure the high precision of product assembly and production.

High-precision components ensure that the assembled valves have good sealing performance. It greatly improves the product quality and appearance.



3. Energy - Highly Efficient Energy Transfer
The valve disc and stem use a reliable and firm polygonal connection, which will not shake during operation and can transmit more energy.
In order for the driving torque to be reliably transmitted to the valve disc, the connection between the valve disc and the valve stem needs to be reliable and firm. We adopted this reliable polygonal valve shaft connection method to ensure reliable torque transmission and at the same time to ensure zero clearance between the valve disc and stem. Due to the polygonal valve shaft connection without keyway, it can output more than 20% more torque than a keyed valve shaft of the same diameter, which greatly improves its torque transmission capacity.
At the same time, this structure does not require drilling on the valve disc, avoids the contact between the valve stem and the medium, and can prolong the service life.


Surface Protection

4. Surface Protection - Suitable for Various Working Conditions

Advanced valve spraying technology enables the valve to be well protected in any working conditions.


The valve surface is treated by sand blasting process, and then by plastic spraying or painting process according to the valve size.

Standard Epoxy Coating
Epoxy resin coating is a common anti-corrosion treatment material. There are strict regulations for the thickness and temperature in the treatment process. The temperature must reach 210 ℃, and the thickness is not less than 250 microns or even 500 microns. The coating is harmless to human body and is absolutely safe for drinking water.

Special Coating for Corrosion Protection
The special coating provides reliable protection for the valve, especially for some harsh working conditions, such as acid or alkali media, water containing sediment, cooling system, hydropower systems, sea water, salt water and industrial wastewater.



5. Safety - High Quality and Easy to Maintain
The seals and bearings of CVG Butterfly Valve can be used safely for many years and are easy to maintain. CVG Valve has established a new standard in this field.
Plasma arc welding is used to heat and connect the surface material and the base material to the metal.

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Full Protection - Seat Ring
CVG butterfly valves use welded seat ring with XXX coating inside. In this process, special alloys are welded to the valve body base material. This process provides very high resistance to pitting corrosion and crack corrosion. It is also resistant to inorganic acids, alkaline media, sea water and salt water, and even high temperature media. This structure allows the rubber seal ring and the valve seat to be closely matched.

Main Seal for Easy Maintenance
The sealing ring of CVG butterfly valve is pressed by the adjusting pressure plate and then fastened to the valve disc. This structure can be adjusted and replaced with the sealing ring at any time. The sealing ring can be made of fluororubber (FKM), polyurethane or other materials.

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6. Specifications - One Product Covers All Specifications
As the most common used valves, butterfly valves can be used in many applications. CVG butterfly valve is the best choice: complete specifications, wide application range, and can be used in indoor, pipe network and other working conditions.

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The nominal diameter of CVG butterfly valve ranges from DN50 to DN4500, and the nominal pressure ranges from PN2.5 to PN40. This series of products are produced on the same assembly line.

For all products, there are two details as following:
▪ Additional flange holes for easy lifting and transportation of the valve.
▪ One-piece support makes valve placement more stable.

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