Welded Eccentric Half-Ball Valves

Main Technical Data:

Nominal diameter: DN50~1600mm

Pressure rating: PN 6/10/16/25/40

Working temperature: -29℃~425℃

Connection type: weld

Connection standard: ANSI, DIN, BS

Actuator: manual, gear, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic

Medium: water, sewage, oil, steam, ash and other low-corrosive fluids

Product Detail

Product Tags

▪ No leakage: due to the integral casting of the valve body, the processing process of the sphere is detected by an advanced computer detector, and the processing accuracy is very high.
▪ Save installation cost and time: the directly buried welded hemispherical valve can be directly buried underground. The length of the valve body and the height of the valve stem can be adjusted according to the construction and design requirements of the pipeline.
▪ Flexible operation: due to the eccentric structure, during the closing process of the valve, the ball gradually approaches the valve seat and fully contacts the closed position. When opening, the ball is completely disengaged when it leaves the sealing position, and the opening is frictionless and the torque is small.
▪ Self-cleaning sealing surface: when the ball leaves the valve seat, the medium can flush the accumulation on the sealing surface.
▪ Small flow resistance: due to the straight through structure, the fluid resistance is reduced, efficient and energy-saving.
▪ Long service life more than 30 years: the ball and valve seat are overlaid with anti-corrosion and wear-resistant cemented carbide.

▪ Test pressure:
Shell Test Pressure 1.5 x PN
Seal Test Pressure 1.1 x PN


Material Specifications

Part Material
Body Cast steel
Disc Alloy
Stem Stainless steel
Seat Alloy


Worm gear operated half-ball valve

jfgh (1)

Electric operated half-ball valve

jfgh (2)
jfgh (3)

Pneumatic operated half-ball valve

jfgh (4)

Welded eccentric half-ball valve (direct burial type)


▪ Universal valve for urban heating: it is suitable for occasions with strict requirements such as sewage treatment and pulp.
▪ Special service valve for petrochemical industry: applicable to all kinds of oil products such as crude oil and heavy oil, corrosion-resistant and two-phase mixed flow media in chemical industry.
▪ Special gas service valve: applicable to the transmission control of gas, natural gas and liquefied gas. The product structure is characterized by sealing ring surfacing valve with different chromium containing alloys, tight sealing and corrosion resistance.
▪ Special service valve for slurry: suitable for industrial pipeline transportation with crystallization or scaling in liquid and solid two-phase mixed flow or liquid transportation. The product structure features are different according to the medium and temperature requirements required by customers. The ball is overlaid with chromium molybdenum and vanadium alloy, and the valve seat is overlaid with chromium, molybdenum alloy, chromium alloy and stainless steel alloy electrodes to meet the needs of different slurry transportation.
▪ Special service valve for pulverized coal ash: applicable to the control of power plant, alumina, hydraulic slag removal or gaseous transmission pipeline. The product requires grinding performance. The ball adopts combined ball bimetal, which has high stiffness and very wear-resistant. The valve seat adopts surfacing grinding alloy.

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