Wall Mounted Penstocks Sluice Gate for Water Applications

Main Technical Data:

Nominal diameter: DN200~2200mm

Pressure rating: PN 10/16

Working temperature: 0~120℃

Connection type: flange, lug

Connection standard: ISO, BS, GB

Actuator: manual, worm gear, pneumatic, electric

Medium: water

Product Detail

Product Tags

▪ Simple structure, good sealing performance and strong wear resistance.
▪ The seal is done in all four sides of the gate and can work to seal in both directions (bi-directional design) as standard.
▪ Mechanical or chemical anchors can be considered to fit the penstock on the concrete wall.
▪ The Penstock design is performed to comply with AWWA standards.
▪ A wide range of construction materials is applicable such as different carbon steels and stainless steels etc.
▪ Penstock or sluice gate series are divided in different types depending on the installation and seal configuration.
▪ Special CUSTOM-MADE design can be performed to comply with customer requirements. From squared, rectangular or circular section frames to risign, non-rising stem configurations, headstocks, stem extensions and many other accesories can be selected.
▪ Simple operation, convenient installation and long service life.
▪ The Wall penstock has anti-corrosion characteristics.

Material Specifications

Part Material
Gate Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Cast iron, Ductile iron
Guide Rail Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Cast iron, Ductile iron, Bronze
Wedge Block Bronze
Seal NBR, EPDM, Stainless steel, Bronze


▪ Wall Penstocks, also known as Sluice Gates, are made as a welded assembly construction and usually made for water applications for isolation or flow control services.


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