Telescopic Butterfly Valves Expansion Butterfly Valves

Main Technical Data:

Nominal diameter: DN50~2400mm  2″~96″inch

Pressure rating: PN 6/10/16/25

Working temperature: ≤80℃

Standard: ISO, API, ANSI, DIN, BS

Actuator: manual, worm gear, pneumatic, electric

Medium: water, flue gas, air, gas, oil, steam etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

▪ Compact structure, small size, convenient installation and maintenance.
▪ Good distance adjustment performance.
▪ The sealing is reliable and the service life is long.
▪ Support multiple transmission devices.

▪ Test pressure:
Shell Test Pressure 1.5 x PN
Seal Test Pressure 1.1 x PN

Material Specifications

Part Material
Body Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, Cr.Mo steel, alloy steel
Disc Cast steel, stainless steel, Cr.Mo steel, alloy steel
Stem 2Cr13, Stainless steel
Seat Seal Ring Stainless steel, multi-layer, polyester, anti-wear material
Expansion Pipe Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, Cr.Mo steel
Packing Flexible graphite, PTFE


▪ The telescopic butterfly valves use telescopic rubber sealing structure, is applicable for metallurgy, petrochemical, hydropower, medicine, light textile, paper making, ships, gas, water supply and drainage, and other pipeline systems as a telescopic sealing closure function.

▪ Telescopic butterfly valve should be placed horizontally. Do not bump it at will.
▪ When the telescopic butterfly valve leaves the factory, the structural length is the minimum length. During installation, it shall be pulled to the installation length (i.e. the design length).
▪ When the length between pipes exceeds the installation length of the telescopic butterfly valve, please adjust the pipe spacing. Do not forcibly pull the telescopic valve to avoid damage.
▪ The telescopic butterfly valve can be installed at any position. For temperature compensation, after the installation of the pipeline, the bracket shall be added at both ends along the axis of the pipeline to prevent the telescopic valve pipe from pulling out (see Figure 1). The support force of the bracket shall be calculated according to the following formula. It is strictly prohibited to remove the support during operation.
F>Ps·DN·(kgtf) Test: PS-pipe test pressure DN-Pipe diameter
▪ It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the expansion butterfly valve at the pipeline construction site.
▪ The telescopic butterfly valve has fine processing and tight cooperation. Do not stretch and shorten the telescopic butterfly valve repeatedly on site. During pipeline installation, the pipelines at both ends of the expansion valve must be concentric, and the two flange surfaces on the pipeline shall be parallel.
▪ The flange fixing bolts shall be fastened symmetrically. Do not forcibly fasten the flange fixing bolts unilaterally.
▪ The expansion pipe shall be installed behind the valve.
▪ The expansion part of the expansion butterfly valve shall not be installed at the corner or end of the pipe.
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