Stainless Steel Flanged Fixed Ball Valves

Main Technical Data:

Nominal diameter: DN25~700mm

Pressure rating: PN 16/25/64/100

Working temperature: -29℃~450℃

Connection type: flange

Standard: API, ASME, GB

Actuator: manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic

Medium: water, oil, gas, acid etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

▪ Small fluid resistance, its resistance coefficient is equal to that of a pipe section of the same length.
▪ Simple structure, small volume and light weight.
▪ Reliable and tight sealing.
▪ Easy to operate for open and close quickly.
▪ Convenient maintenance. The structure of the ball valve is simple, the sealing ring is generally movable, and it is convenient to disassemble and replace.
▪ A wide range of applications, with a diameter ranging from a few millimeters to a few meters.
▪ The size of the flange end of the series valve connection can be designed and manufactured according to customers' requirements.

Material Specifications

Part Material (ASTM)
1. Bushing PTFE & Tin bronze
2. Screw A105
3. Spring InconelX-750
4. Body A105
5. Stud A193-B7
6. Ball WCB+ENP
7. Seat A105
8. Sealing Ring PTFE
9. Disc Spring AISI9260
10. Valve Seat Rotation Drive Device
11. Stem Sealing Ring PTFE
12. Bushing PTFE & Tin bronze
13. Upper Stem A182-F6a
14. Connection Sleeve AISIC 1045
15. Drive Mechanism
The main parts and sealing surface materials of this series ball valves can be designed and selected according to actual working conditions or special requirements of users.


▪ Stainless steel ball valves are mainly used in working conditions with high requirements for corrosiveness, pressure and hygienic environment. Stainless steel ball valve is a new type of valve that has been widely used in recent years. These ball valves are widely used in the cut-off or circulation of long-distance pipeline medium in oil, natural gas, chemical industry.

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