Single Disc Compensators (Quick Flange)

Main Technical Data:

Nominal diameter: DN40~800mm

Pressure rating: PN 10/16/25

Working temperature: ≤80℃

Material: cast iron, ductile iron, rubber

Medium: water, air and other non-corrosive liquid

Product Detail

Product Tags

▪ The single disc compensators can replace expanders, flanges, short pipe A, short pipe B, pipe clamps, etc. It can be quickly connected with valves, water meters and pipeline components. It can be used to replace local short pipes and repair damaged pipes, and is extremely convenient to use. It's suitable for cast iron pipes, ductile iron pipes, plastic pipes, glass steel pipes, steel pipes. It helps save a lot of installation costs.

▪ Adjustment and compensation function on the length of the pipeline. It can be used for quick connection between pipelines and pipe fittings, and also be used for partial replacement of short pipes. Regardless of the installation of the latest pipeline or the maintenance of the original pipeline, there is no need for cementing, welding or threading. Just put the compensator on the pipe and connect it directly with the equipment.
▪ Labor-saving and lightweight installation. It is convenient and quick to use. It can liberate the construction personnel from the heavy on-site tapping, welding and other physical labor, and realize quick connection.
▪ It uses a rubber ring for flexible sealing. The flange rubber gasket can be omitted during installation. It is safe and reliable to use, and also can be used when the pipeline cannot be completely stopped.
▪ The single-disc compensator can replace other products to reduce the number of pipeline components, reduce the difficulty of engineering construction, and greatly save engineering costs.


▪ The single disc compensator is suitable for pipeline construction in many industries, such as water supply and drainage, residential quarters, sewage, petroleum, buildings, power plants and other pipeline systems. It can be used for plastic pipes, cast iron pipes, ductile iron pipes, steel pipes and glass steel pipes.

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