Pressure Reducing Valves

Main Technical Data:

Nominal diameter: DN50~800mm

Pressure rating: PN 10/16/25

Working temperature: 0~80℃

Connection type: flange

Medium: water

Product Detail

Product Tags

▪ Reliable pressure reducing function: The outlet pressure is not affected by the change of inlet pressure and flow, which can reduce both dynamic pressure and static pressure.
▪ Easy adjustment and operation: Just adjust the adjusting screw of the pilot valve to obtain accurate and stable outlet pressure.
▪ Good energy saving: It adopts semi-linear flow channel, wide valve body and equal flow cross-sectional area design, with small resistance loss.
▪ Main spare parts are made of special materials and basically do not need maintenance.

▪ Test pressure:
Shell Test Pressure 1.5 x PN
Seal Test Pressure 1.1 x PN


1. Body 13. Spring
2. Screw Plug 14. Bonnet
3. Seat 15. Guide Sleeve
4. O-ring 16. Nut
5. O-ring 17. Screw Bolt
6. O-ring Pressing Plate 18. Screw Plug
7. O-ring 19. Ball Valve
8. Stem 20. Pressure Gauge
9. Disc 21. Pilot Valve
10. Diaphragm (reinforced rubber) 22. Ball Valve
11. Diaphragm Pressing Plate 23. Regulating Valve
12. Nut 24. Micro Filter

Pressure reducing valve is installed in pipelines in municipal, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, gas (natural gas), food, medicine, power station, nuclear power, water conservancy and irrigation to reduce the high upstream pressure to the required downstream normal use pressure.


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