Introduction to Flexible Rubber Joints #2

1. The scope of application of KXT type flexible rubber joint:
Can be widely used in water supply and drainage, circulating water, HVAC, fire protection, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, ships, pumps, compressors, fans and other pipeline systems, using units such as power plants, water plants, steel mills, water companies, engineering construction etc.

2. KXT type flexible rubber joint installation method:
a. When installing the rubber joint, it is strictly forbidden to install it beyond the displacement limit.
b. The mounting bolts should be symmetrical and gradually tightened to prevent local leakage.
If the working pressure is above 3.1.6MPa, the installation bolts must have elastic pressure pads to prevent the bolts from loosening during work.
c. During vertical installation, both ends of the joint pipe should be supported by vertical force, and an anti-pull-off device can be adopted to prevent the work from being pulled off under pressure.
d. The installation part of the rubber joint should be far away from the heat source. Ozone area. It is strictly forbidden to expose to strong radiation and use the medium that does not meet the requirements of this product.
e. It is strictly forbidden for sharp instruments to scratch the surface and sealing surface of the rubber joint during transportation, loading and unloading.

3. Instructions for use of KXT type flexible rubber joint:
a. When using this product for high-rise water supply, the pipeline must have a fixed bracket, otherwise the product should be equipped with an anti-pull device. The force of the fixed support or bracket must be greater than the axial force, otherwise the anti-pull device should also be installed.
b. You can choose the working pressure according to your own pipeline: 0.25mpa, 1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa, 4.0Mpa flexible rubber joints, and the connection dimensions refer to the "flange size table".

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