Features of Electric Hard Seal Butterfly Valves

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The electric hard sealing butterfly valve is composed of an electric actuator and a butterfly valve. It is a multi-level metal three eccentric hard sealing structure. It adopts a U-shaped stainless steel sealing ring. The precision elastic sealing ring is in contact with the polished three-dimensional eccentric disc. It can be said that the electric hard seal butterfly valve has excellent performance characteristics, such as simple structure, light weight, easy installation, convenient maintenance, good sealing performance and so on.

It has proved that the electric hard sealing butterfly valve solves the disadvantage that the sealing surface of the traditional eccentric butterfly valve is still in sliding contact friction at the moment of valve opening and closing at 0° ~ 10°, and achieves that the disc sealing surface is separated at the moment of valve opening. The sealing effect is achieved at the moment of valve fully closed. Because the electric hard seal butterfly valve has the feature of closing tighter and tighter. So it can prolong the service life and achieve the best sealing performance.

For this reason,the hard seal butterfly valve with electric actuator is widely used in pipelines with corrosive media such as metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, air, gas, combustible gas, water supply and drainage with medium temperature less than 550°C. It is the best device to regulate flow and cut off fluid.

Storage, Installation and Usage
1. Both ends of the valve shall be blocked and stored in a dry and ventilated room. It shall be checked regularly for a long time storage.
2.The valve shall be cleaned before installation to eliminate the defects caused during transportation.
3. During installation, the marks on the valve must be checked. And special attention shall be paid to that the flow direction of the medium is consistent with that marked on the valve.
4. For butterfly valves with electric actuator, it shall be noted that the connected power supply voltage must be consistent with that in the manual of electric device.

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