Application of Butterfly Valve and Gate Valve Under Different Working Conditions

Gate valve and butterfly valve both play the role of switching and regulating flow in pipeline use. Of course, there are still methods in the selection process of butterfly valves and gate valves.

In the water supply network, in order to reduce the soil covering depth of the pipeline, generally larger diameter pipes are equipped with butterfly valves, which have little effect on the covering soil depth, and strive to select gate valves, but the price of gate valves of the same specification is higher than that of butterfly valves. As for the demarcation line of caliber, it should be considered on a case-by-case basis. From the perspective of use in the past ten years, the failure rate of butterfly valves is higher than that of gate valves, so it is worthy of attention to expand the scope of use of gate valves when conditions permit.

About gate valves In recent years, many domestic valve manufacturers have developed soft-sealed gate valves. Compared with traditional wedge-type or parallel double-plate gate valves, this gate valve has the following characteristics:
* The valve body and bonnet of the soft-sealed gate valve are cast by the precision casting method, which is formed at one time, basically without mechanical processing, and does not use the sealing copper ring, which saves non-ferrous metals.
* There is no pit at the bottom of the soft-sealed gate valve, and no slag is accumulated, and the failure rate of the gate valve opening and closing is low.
* The soft seal rubber-lined valve plate has uniform size and strong interchangeability.

flange gate valve and butterfly valve

two offset flange butterfly valves

Therefore, the soft sealing gate valve will be a form that the water supply industry is willing to adopt. At present, the diameter of soft-sealed gate valves manufactured in China is up to 1500mm, but the diameter of most manufacturers is between 80-300mm. The key component of the soft sealing gate valve is the rubber-lined valve plate, and the technical requirements of the rubber-lined valve plate are relatively high, which not all foreign manufacturers can achieve, and are often purchased and assembled from manufacturers with reliable quality.

The copper nut block of the domestic soft sealing gate valve is embedded above the rubber-lined valve plate, which is similar to the structure of the gate valve. Due to the movable friction of the nut block, the rubber lining of the valve plate is easily peeled off. In the soft sealing gate valve of a foreign company, the copper nut block is embedded in the rubber-lined gate to form a whole, which overcomes the above shortcomings, but the concentricity of the combination of the bonnet and the valve body is relatively high.

However, when opening and closing the soft sealing gate valve, it should not be closed too much, as long as the water stop effect is achieved, otherwise it is not easy to open or the rubber lining is peeled off. A valve manufacturer uses a torque wrench to control the degree of closing during the valve pressure test. As a valve operator of a water company, this opening and closing method should also be imitated.

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