Fully Welded Ball Valves (Directly Buried Type)

Main Technical Data:

Nominal diameter: DN50~600mm

Pressure rating: PN 25

Working temperature: normal temperature

Connection type: butt weld

Standard: API, ASME, GB

Actuator: manual, worm gear, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic

Medium: water, air, oil, natural gas, gas, fuel gas and other fluids

Product Detail

Product Tags

▪ One-piece welded ball valve, no external leakage and other phenomena.
▪ Leading domestic technology, maintenance-free and long service life.
▪ The welding process is unique, with vital pores, no blisters, high pressure and zero leakage of the valve body.
▪ Using high-quality stainless steel ball, double-layer support type sealing structure, the ball support is scientific and reasonable.
▪ The gasket is made of Teflon, nickel, graphite and other materials, and it's carbonized.
▪ The valve well has low cost and is easy to open and operate.
▪ The length of directly buried welded ball valve body can be determined according to the buried depth.
▪ Equipped with a grease injection port in the form of a check valve that can prevent the lubricating sealant from flowing back under high pressure.
▪ The valve is equipped with venting, draining and preventing devices according to the needs of the piping system medium.
▪ CNC production equipment, strong technical support, reasonable matching of software and hardware.
▪ Butt weld size can be designed and manufactured according to customer's request.

Fully Welded Ball Valve (Directly Buried with Pre-incubation Type)

▪ Application in district heating supply, cooling and heating supply systems, city gas.
▪ Medium: water, air, oil and other fluids that do not chemically react with carbon steel.

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Fully Welded Ball Valve (Directly Buried And Scattered Type)

▪ Application in natural gas pipeline, city gas.
▪ Medium: natural gas, coal gas, gas and other fluids that do not chemically react with carbon steel.


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Buried Working Condition Design
▪ For valves used in underground conditions, set valve extension rods, extension pipes for maintenance (exhaust pipes on both sides + grease injection pipes on both sides of the valve seat + sewage pipe at the bottom of the valve body) and control valves to make the valve operating position on the ground The upper part is easy to operate. Corrosion-resistant asphalt coating or epoxy resin protection on the surface of the valve, on-site pipeline jumper and emergency protection measures, adapt to the buried environment.

▪ The welding ends of all steel ball valves adopts electric welding or manual welding. Overheating of the valve chamber shall be avoided. The distance between welding ends shall not be too short to ensure that the heat generated in the welding process will not damage the sealing material.
▪ All valves shall be opened during installation.

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