Full Pressure High Efficiency Exhaust Valves

Main Technical Data:

Nominal diameter: DN25~400mm

Pressure rating: PN 10/16/25/40

Working temperature: ≤100℃

Connection type: flange

Medium: water

Product Detail

Product Tags

▪ Full pressure, high efficiency and high-speed exhaust and make-up valve is installed on the input pipeline and thermal cycle water pipeline, which is used to remove the air and some steam in the pipeline, so as to eliminate the increase of water resistance caused by gas storage in the pipeline and the pipeline rupture caused by gas explosion water hammer. When vacuum is generated in the pipe, it can automatically inject gas to prevent sewage from penetrating into the pipe and deformation of thin-walled steel pipe.
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1-Cylinder   2-Piston valve   3-Exhaust cover plate
4-Exhaust port   5-Pontoon   6-Shell

▪ During the commissioning of urban water supply network and new water supply system, pipe explosion or water hammer damage accidents are easy to occur. The research shows that the main cause of the accident is the poor exhaust of the pipeline. However, the existing high-speed exhaust gas make-up valve (including double port exhaust valve and composite double port exhaust valve) can only discharge non pressure gas at high speed. It is almost inevitable that there are multiple water columns in most pipelines, especially in new pipelines. Therefore, the ordinary high-speed (double port) exhaust valve can not meet the needs of pipeline exhaust, resulting in many bursts of urban water supply pipelines. Accidents are frequent.
▪ The full pressure high-efficiency high-speed exhaust gas make-up valve is different from the ordinary high-speed (double port) exhaust valve in structural principle. The gas in the pipeline can be discharged from the pipeline at high speed regardless of whether there are multiple water columns, the gas columns are interphase, and whether there is pressure or not. Using this valve will relieve the risk of test run of your new pipeline and the difficulty of exhaust; Reduce pipe burst accidents of pipe network, reduce resistance, save energy, reduce pressure shock, and improve the safety and reliability of the whole water supply system and various equipment.


Connect with double flange butterfly valve

Connect with double flange butterfly valve

Composite Exhaust Valve (For Clean Water)
▪ This series of composite exhaust valves are suitable for setting in the pump outlet or water supply and distribution pipeline. It is used to remove a large amount of air accumulated in the pipeline, or a small amount of air accumulated at a higher place of the pipeline is discharged into the atmosphere, so as to improve the service efficiency of the pipeline and the pump. In case of negative pressure in the pipe, the valve quickly sucks in the external air to protect the pipeline from damage caused by negative pressure.

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Composite Exhaust Valve (For Sewage)
▪ Considering the characteristics of sewage, the sewage exhaust valve adopts the structure of floating directly acting on the light spherical piston through the top plug, which reduces the ejection of sewage during a large amount of exhaust, so that the dirt will not deposit on the sealing surface of the piston, and is more resistant to water impact and is not easy to damage the internals, so that the exhaust function can operate normally.


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