Energy Accumulator Hydraulic Control Check Butterfly Valves

Main Technical Data:

Nominal diameter: DN250~2600mm

Pressure rating: PN 6/10/16

Working temperature: ≤300℃

Connection type: flange

Connection standard: DIN, ANSI, ISO, BS

Adjustable switching time: 1.2~60s

Actuator: hydraulic

Installation: horizontal, vertical

Medium: water, oil and other non-corrosion fluids

Product Detail

Product Tags

▪ Adjustable switching time: 1.2~60 seconds.
▪ Valve closing angle: 70°±5 for quickly close; 20°±5 for slowly close.
▪ Valve can be closed automatically by the energy in the accumulator.
▪ Reliable sealing, small flow resistance coefficient.
▪ The PLC intelligent control system can realize a variety of humanized operation interfaces such as text and touch screen.
▪ Remote and local control can be realized.
▪ Can realize linkage operation with other pipeline equipment according to predetermined procedures.
▪ Has stop and non-return functions.
▪ Can realize the slow closing function when closing, effectively eliminate the harm of water hammer and protect the safety of water turbine, water pump and pipe network system.

Energy Accumulator Hydraulic Control Check Butterfly Valves

Material Specifications

Part Material
Body Carbon steel, ductile iron
Disc Carbon steel, ductile iron
Stem Stainless steel, carbon steel
Body Sealing Ring Stainless steel
Disc Sealing Ring Stainless steel, rubber
Packing Flexible graphite, V-shaped sealing ring


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jghf (2)

Structure Characteristics
▪ According to the control system, it is divided into: ordinary accumulator type and accumulator type locking type.
▪ It is mainly composed of valve body, transmission mechanism, hydraulic station and electric control box.
▪ The valve body is composed of valve body, disc, valve shaft/stem, sealing components and other parts. The transmission mechanism is mainly composed of hydraulic cylinder, rocker arm, supporting side plate, heavy hammer, lever, locking cylinder and other connecting and transmission parts. It is the main actuator for hydraulic power to open and close the valve.
▪ The hydraulic station includes oil pump unit, manual pump, accumulator, solenoid valve, overflow valve, flow control valve, stop valve, hydraulic manifold block, mailbox and other components.
▪ Manual pump is used for system commissioning and valve opening and closing under special working conditions.
▪ The flow control valve is used to adjust the valve opening time.
▪ A quick closing time regulating valve is arranged on the transmission hydraulic cylinder, and the slow closing time adjusts the quick and slow closing angle regulating valve.
▪ In the system, the two accumulators are standby for each other to provide active power source for valve opening and closing.
▪ The valve shaft adopts long and short shaft structure.
▪ Generally, horizontal installation is adopted, and vertical installation can also be adopted according to user requirements.
▪ The hydraulic station, electric control box and valve body can be installed as a whole or separately. When vertical layout is adopted, they are installed separately.
▪ The control characteristics of electromagnetic directional valve in hydraulic system are generally positive action type.
▪ In horizontal installation, the transmission mechanism is generally installed in the forward direction; When limited by the site space, the reverse installation type can also be adopted according to the user's requirements. (See below pictures)

Energy Accumulator Hydraulic Control Check Butterfly Valve (Forward Installation)
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Energy Accumulator Hydraulic Control Check Butterfly Valve (Reverse Installation)
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