Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Flanged Corrugated Compensators

Main Technical Data:

Nominal diameter: DN20~600mm

Pressure rating: PN 10/16/25/150LB/10K/16K

Working temperature: 0~420℃

Connection: flange

Medium: water, gas, oil and other fluid

Product Detail

Product Tags

▪ Corrugated compensators are also called expansion joints. They are composed of bellows (a kind of elastic element) and accessories such as end pipes, brackets, flanges and conduits that constitute the main body of the work. It is a compensation device using the effective expansion and contraction deformation of the elastic element of the bellows compensator to absorb the dimensional changes of pipelines, ducts or containers due to thermal expansion and contraction. It belongs to a kind of compensation element. It can absorb axial, lateral and angular displacement, and is used for heating displacement, mechanical displacement of pipes, equipment and systems to absorb vibration, reduce noise, etc. It is widely used in modern industry.

▪ Compensate the axial, lateral and angular thermal deformation of the absorption pipeline.
▪ The expansion and contraction of the corrugated compensator is convenient for the installation and disassembly of the valve pipeline.
▪ Absorb equipment vibration and reduce the impact of equipment vibration on the pipeline.
▪ Absorb the deformation of the pipeline caused by earthquake and ground subsidence.

Material Specifications

Part Material
Flange Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Bellows Stainless steel
Stem Nut Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Draw Bar Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Nut Carbon steel, Stainless steel


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