Water & Wastewater

Butterfly valves, gate valves, non-return check valves, control valves, air valves – elaborate processes and long service life valves with a particularly high resistance, are required to turn untreated water into top-class drinking water and process water. Our CVG valves for water treatment and sea water desalination are manufactured from high quality materials.
Drinking water equipment must be compatible in accordance with the strictest standards and resistant to brackish water. Seawater contain designs with rubber-lined interiors.

Wastewater treatment systems are only as good as the valves installed in them. Because the storage, transport and purification of dirty and industrial wastewater places much greater demands on the materials than, for example, drinking water treatment. These requirements for the valves for sometimes heavily contaminated wastewater demand our professional knowledge and special high quality valves. Our experts are well-versed and will always find a suitable solution.

We offer flow control solutions that can be customized to fit any application within the water and wastewater industry. Whether it’s protection from abrasive or corrosive applications, our valves will protect the environment while keeping the performance on a high level.

Water Distribution
Getting water cost-effectively and in good quality from the source to the consumer is a complex task.
For planners, builders and operators of water supply systems, excellent performance and the long-term functional reliability of all components is of particular importance. Valves play a decisive part in this. They regulate and automate pressure and flow rate and protect the pipeline, pumps and other components from damage.

CVG manufactures its products to the highest quality standards. Our manufacturing processes are certified, our product quality is well renowned and our valves prove their excellence in world-wide applications.


Dams and Hydropower
Water means life. By providing reliable and efficient systems, CVG helps to ensure that people around the world have access to water and that water gets to wherever it is needed reliably.

There are many dams around the world. Their main purpose is to provide drinking water, protect people from floods, provide water for industry and agriculture and generate power. We offer products and solutions for almost all fields of application. With our comprehensive portfolio - especially for dams and hydropower applications. We offer tailor made solutions second to none.

Talking about hydro power plants tight shut-off and precise process performance are essentials. CVG Valve engineering team delivers solid and technically proven solutions for turbine station, water discharge zone and any other area where penstocks are required.

Power Plants
As a professional manufacturer in valve technology, CVG plays an important role in the development of sturdy and safe valves. In large steam power plants, the technology used in the cooling systems needs to be highly reliable and extremely safe. CVG valves are often used in the more remote peripheral power plants.

Butterfly valves secure the water supply to the pumping stations and the connecting pipelines. In combination with a pendulum drive, they are an indispensable protection for the valuable main cooling-water pump. Butterfly valves are so versatile that they are used across the entire system.

Our CVG Butterfly Valves with 3-point accident-prevention interlock and hydraulic brake and lift unit have proven themselves as combined safety and quick-closing valves. Professional advice and bespoke calculation are just as much a part of our service as the deployment of mobile teams on site. You can be sure that installation, training, maintenance and putting into operation are just as professional as our valves.


General Industry
CVG valves and accessories are widely used in these industries, such as petrochemicals and chemicals, steel, surface mining, metals, refining, pulp, paper and bioproducts, and many others.
High-efficiency butterfly valves and other various valves and accessories from CVG help ensure that our customers can realize sustainable and reliable production.

Industry is the second largest consumer of water world-wide. In many industrialised countires, the demand of water of industrial enterprises accounts for up to 80%. Efficient water supply and treatment is needed by the chemical, steel, surface-mining, paper industries or any industrial operation for their production processes.

As check valves they protect pumps and water pipeline systems. In cooling water systems, butterfly valves in isolation applications do their job. In waste-water treatment plants, mainly penstocks and sluice gate valves can be found. Around the globe, we manufacture and supply products and provide services at the high level of quality.

Building Services
CVG valves and systems deliver convenience, hygiene and safety in modern buildings and provide the basis for their efficient operation.

From water supply to drainage, heating and air-conditioning systems through to fire protection: no modern building can be operated without pumps and valves. CVG offers tailored and standardized solutions for various types of buildings.

Through long-term cooperation with consultants and property management firms worldwide as well as regular interaction with architects, installation contractors, heating system engineers, engineering contractors and many other experts, we are very close to people and know which solutions are needed for today’s building services applications.

For these fields of application, CVG offers reliable and proven solutions that are easy to use, robust and low maintenance.


Industrial Gas
We offer a reliable, high performance and complete gas flow control solutions and the widest selection of applications to address all your industrial gas business needs. Our wide range of control automated on/off and switching valves, and accessories answer the needs of accurate control, tight shut-off, high reliability and low maintenance.

Industrial gases are the compounds used in industrial manufacturing, typically produced in their gaseous and liquid states. The most common ones include oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and helium. Since they are an important part of the successful production of many industrial products, the most critical challenge regarding the industrial gas process operation is reliability. An interrupted gas supply will stop production and lead to a plant shutdown or disturb the bulk gas delivers. This means ensuring maximized uptime and continuous, uninterrupted gas supply. At the same time profitability must be ensured through balanced cost control.

CVG has developed service solutions to specifically address the needs and requirements of industrial gas producers. These solutions focus on the monitoring of valve and process performance, defining turnaround scope, reducing downtime during planned outages, eliminating unplanned valve failures, and optimizing inventory coverage.